Waves between Buffalo and Manhattan


Does anyone have knowledge of carriers who are able to deliver 10G or 100G waves between Buffalo and Manhattan that do not touch Albany?

I know Zayo is one. I’m waiting to hear back from CenturyLink. I’ve reviewed networkatlas.org, to see if anything pops up there, but otherwise I’m coming up empty.

Thanks in advance.

hi Jason

https://dev.networkatlas.org shows Zayo, Windstream (and Earthlink) there.

We are working with Charter , Level3/CL to load their fiber routes , but it will be there and you will be able to connect with the sales teams directly by clicking on a route. . In addition to that there are other small players in this region.


Hi Mehmet,

Indeed Windstream has dark on an appropriate route, and we’re talking to them about that. However they don’t seem to have lit services on that route.

The regional players in the area that may have something that would bypass
Albany would be Firstlight (Formerly Finger Lakes Technology Group) and

Firstlight has more fiber in the area, and would be my choice over Uniti, I
have services with both.

Contact me off list if you want an introduction to a sales guy.

If it’s for the use case I suspect it would be for, Firstlight and Windstream should bring you closer to where you’ll want to be on the Buffalo side.