Warning to ISPs: 9netave

Peter Galbavy wrote:

> According to information provided to me, 9netave is in no uncertain terms
> is refusing to take down the site without a court order.
> Beware...


The provider is waiting for an external agency (the courts) to take
the responsibility for saying that the site should be removed. When I
was at Demon, we had a strict policy of not submitting to any third
party requests WRT user account except those either demanded by law,
or those events that clearly breach our AUP - which has the force of
law, as part of the terms and conditions of service.

So 9netave has no AUP prohibiting use of its services for conducting scams?
I would not want to run my web site at a hoster that could become blocked by
many ISPs. But then, I'd never use 9netave for many reasons.

I dunno. I just made the point. Check their web site for their AUPs
and if they are breached, follow the instructions they give. Remember
however that the AUP is an agreement between the provider and customer
and does not give a third party any rights (unless it is badly
written). That is what the courts are for.

I do believe in this case the Digital Millenium Copyright Act was
violated, and it's a stiff sumbitch when it comes to penalties,
especially ones involving personal gain. I'd be more worried about the
blatant attempt at credit fraud if I were the person behind it though.