Warning, CDP interaction at Mae-EAST

> Why on EARTH?!? would _ANYONE_ run CDP at a MAE or any other exchange point?

Given that its on by default cdp needs to either be turned off completely,
or disabled for a particular interface, folks probably just leave it on.

I highly doubt CDP contributes to congestion problems with the little
amount of traffic it generates - Although if you've ever looked at some of
the traffic at the Mae's you'd be sickened by all of the other things
floating around.

  debug ip udp sometime on a nap router. there are many wonderful
bits of traffic floating around:

May 20 14:53:03.681 MST: UDP: rcvd src=, dst=
May 20 14:53:07.968 MST: UDP: rcvd src=, dst=, length=56
May 20 14:53:08.396 MST: UDP: rcvd src=, dst=, length=56no
May 20 14:53:18.152 MST: UDP: rcvd src=, dst=, length=56 debug all

  cool, broadcast ntp, broadcast rip. i'm even seeing bootp from
various peers here and at mae-west. i noticed this last year
sometime and posted about it. i wonder how much all this extraneous
garbage really contributes to total traffic at the naps.