Wake Up! (was: spamspamspam)

  So, as a "responsible" ISP, you advocate denial of service attacks?
  You are either incredibly naive or intensely stupid to advocate
  that position. Is that how you want people to deal with you when

    .. ... .. ..

  have wiped the abuser out of your system. But in the event someone
  decides to mail the source to Linux 1000 times to your server,
  copying abuse, root, postmaster, and support, they kill off your
  entire site, denying thousands of innocent users Internet access.
  The number of hours I have wasted over the past four years chasing
  down hackers and mail bombers has been a real pain. I have ZERO
  tolerance for this behavior.

If your systems are so badly configured that a mail bomb attack denies
your users access, then you don't qualify as a "responsible ISP"
yourself. In fact, you qualify under both "naive" and "intensely

I don't agree with mailbombing, but it sounds like you are ripping your
clients off, since you obviously don't know to configure a system.