Wake Up! (was: spamspamspam)

Jared Mauch writes:

  gcc sources aren't as bloated as emacs sources.

  What you need to do is find a way to send the mimed sources to
someones text pager. Either that, or uuencoded to their pager. Then
build a compiler on the pager and put emacs on it.

  - Jared

  So, as a "responsible" ISP, you advocate denial of service attacks?
  You are either incredibly naive or intensely stupid to advocate
  that position. Is that how you want people to deal with you when
  your customers violate your AUP? I really want to hear your
  justification for mail bombing ... maybe you have one for SYN attacks

  Frankly, there is NO valid reason for ANYONE to retaliate in this
  manner. As an ISP, if you have a customer that spams someone, you
  get flooded with hate mail -- this mail continues long after you
  have wiped the abuser out of your system. But in the event someone
  decides to mail the source to Linux 1000 times to your server,
  copying abuse, root, postmaster, and support, they kill off your
  entire site, denying thousands of innocent users Internet access.
  The number of hours I have wasted over the past four years chasing
  down hackers and mail bombers has been a real pain. I have ZERO
  tolerance for this behavior.

  If someone mail bombs my site, I will do everything in my power to
  track them down and have them put in jail. Mail bombers are criminals.
  If you are mail bombed and have the mail logs, here is a good place
  to start in your efforts to prosecute the bastards: The FBI Computer
  Crime Squad in Washington, DC -- 202-324-9164 -- ask for Rich Ress.
  If the mail bombing is continuous, you can get a court order to
  have the FBI seize their equipment in a few hours. You may want to
  to to the federal prosecutor in your jurisdiction too.

  If you provide access to military bases, you are in an even better
  position to nail these folks. And be sure to file civil suit against
  them too. If they respond to the suit, you can get them to spend
  thousands of dollars in their civil defense (not to mention their
  criminal defense). If they don't respond, you can file liens on
  everything they own. I also find it useful to dispatch a press
  release in the home town of the hackers, identifying them and the
  details of the crime and its investigation. Call the TV stations
  in their area too -- the local news loves to report on high-tech

  In the event the hackers are international, you can filter their
  IP addresses and notify their upstream providers that the filters
  will remain in effect until they can provide assuarance that the
  threat has been eliminated.

  As a community, we need to slam hackers as hard as we possibly
  can. As individual companies, we have very little to fight them
  outside of the means listed above. But collectively, we could
  black list rogue sites using IP filtering. I think that hackers
  would consider things twice if they knew they were about to lose
  connectivity to half the world because of their actions. I am
  interested in what the other folks think about this too. The
  time for complacency on this issue is over.

  Dave Stoddard
  US Net Incorporated