Vulnerbilities of Interconnection


I believe we are talking about two different perspectives here
operational and end user. The concern I have is with the ability of
sectors dependent on information infrastructure to operate if there
are problems. What web-site is abvailable to the end user is not the
value judgement but if NASDAQ can facilitate stock trades, if banks
can clear settlements, etc.

It does get a little fuzzy in what you consider Internet and what you
consider private networks. From a physical perspective they all use a
common fiber infrastructure - it all runs in the same trench - so in
some terms it does not matter. There has been quite a bit of
discussion about physical downage being an inconveniance, and if you
limit yourself to just the Internet (web sites, email, porn, etc) this
is a valid statement. Where this goes off track is that the Internet
is only part of the equation - the operation of several critical
infrastructures is dependent on fiber based communications. A cut is
a cut - it does discriminate against private networks, security
protocols, encryption or anything else. A leased line does not mean
you get a special ditch.