Vulnerbilities of Interconnection

As a side note the thanks for responses on Equinix were off list
responses - was not meant to be sarcasm since there were not any on
list responses.

Back to the topic - the first question is the cost of protecting an
asset less than the cost of loosing the asset. If the answer is yes
then there is economic justification for protection. I believe the
issue will not be one of the government deciding what assets are
ciritcal, but more likely the insurace industry. At the end of the
day the insurance industry has to come to terms with how to deal with
network downage. The value they put on assets for insurance and
reassurance will most likey be the trigger.

Then you can start get an answer to your question of who is most
critical - who has the most loose finacially from downage. From the
examples you listed I'd say NASDAQ. The question becomes what
infrastructure is that critical node or sector most dependent on. It
is the interdependecies that causes the rub, who is responsible, who
is left holdig the bag, who has the ability to pay etc.