VSNL CANTAT-3 Optical Submarine Cable

Dear Colleagues:

I've had multiple conversations with operators concerning the status
of CANTAT-3, a submarine cable that runs from Pennant Point , Halifax,
Canada, to the area of Sylt, DE and branches to locations along the


   1. Pennant Point , Nova Scotia Canada
   2. Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland
   3. Tjørnuvík, Faroe Islands
   4. Red car, England, UK
   5. Blaabjerg, Denmark
   6. Sylt, Germany

Does anyone have formal or published indication from VSNL that
confirms a decommissioning and states an actual date? I've heard this
from several highly reliable sources and I'd like to find out "when"
if at all. I have checked Google.

I'd be very happy to receive any information formally, off line, or
otherwise and summarize back to the list.



Hibernia Atlantic is planning to build a cable from Ireland to Iceland to attack the data centre opportunity that cheap geothermal and hydro Icelandic power presents.


Hi Rod, thanks. How about VSNL CANTAT-3? Any idea what's going on here?


How about VSNL CANTAT-3? Any idea what's going on here?

Its a very old cable which I'm sure must have passed its service life by
now. It was frequenty affected by issues near iceland. (trawlers IIRC

It's just approaching 15 years old and I think for '94 that this is
the expected lifespan. In January of '06 there was a major outage on
Cantat-3 that took a very long time to repair. This is why most people
can even recall the name. Check the nanog archives if you are
interested in the discussion that took place here.

There is a major fishing ground north of the cantat route off of
Iceland and south of Hornsfjordur , but the cable does not run through
it as far as I know, a little to East, and the "big" outage was
situated in the North Sea, southwest of Bergen, Norway. I'm not sure
about other outages. I have found some interesting stuff in some NOC
archives though.



That is an understatement. I have fished in this area and was
astounded. Here was the process:

1. Drop a heavy-gauge line in the water with three large unbaited
   hooks spaced about one meter apart.
2. Immediately pull the line from the water.
3. Remove three fish (usually cod).
4. Repeat until you are bored.

No wonder the Icelanders fight wars over their fishing grounds.