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I am looking to get in touch with VPS providers (like vultr.com etc.) which has all automated control panel to ask few questions regarding BGP implementation and overall automated control panel related stuff.

I have been trying to get a hold of someone from virtkick.com which on paper sounded like exactly what i needed but unfortunately got no response from them.

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On our network automation, we “drive” each product through SSH/telnet and use the native terminal or netconf. This automation has been around before netconf was a concept, anything new is simple as writing the configuration snippets, creating the functions in the abstracted automation classes, and overriding it in vendor model specific classes.

This same template idea could be used to generate BIRD configurations that can go into a pre-defined folder from the main config file, and trigger a soft reload. I personally can’t wrap my head around BIRD since I came from the traditional network hardware background, but it certainly does have its place in the automation sector.

Just make sure your system has a way to log each step from the device and program functions for checks and balances, and combine it all in a transaction like process, along with throwing an exception on data it doesn’t know to expect, and rolling back the changes if it’s possible.

Virtkick was acquired by OnApp (https://www.virtkick.com/blog/onapp-to-acquire-virtkick.html), so you might be able to contact OnApp about it.

Hope this helps.

I highly recommend NetActuate.

Awesome folks, great network and customer interface and willing to do custom stuff when needed.

Very flexible and easy to work with.


"Ultimately, the acquisition was not consummated, and Virtkick remained an independent entity.”

- Mark

I would recommend NetActuate as well. They really know their stuff! They helped a company I used to work at immensely with LVS and DNS load balancing in an anycast configuration. I would use them anytime.

Anthony Leto

I am already and very happy customer