VPNv6 Native Signaling - Nokia (And Solutions to RFC 7439)

So, I have it on good authority that from release 21.7.R1, Nokia not only introduces LDPv6 to their IXR platform, but also provides native support for l2vpnv6 and l3vpnv6 signaling.

AFAIK, Cisco and Juniper only support mpls2ip forwarding for LDPv6, and all other VPN services can only be signaled via LDPv4 only.

So Nokia are able to natively signal the following VPN services via LDPv6:

  • EoMPLS (p2p + p2mp)
  • VPLS (mp2mp)
  • l3vpn (BGP)
  • EVPN (mp2mp)
  • BGP-LU

It’s unclear whether this has been tested against their own platforms (IXR and SR), but I’d imagine inter-op should not be an issue since it’s the same shared code, despite different chip sets.

For me, this is a good solution toward fixing the issues identified in RFC 7439, which bodes well for operators who have had to hold back their IPv6-only ambitions due to this.

I hope other vendors can jump onboard, whenever they choose to.