[VoiceOps] Phone Numbers with Calling Restrictions


The calls are being blocked... well, they'd have to be being blocked
*before they get to your gaining carrier, I guess, right?

That nearly *requires* the code to be in the LERG, so the originating CO
can execute it. We have some people here who know the LERG back and fro;
Paul? Anyone else? You ever heard of this?

Can you originate a call to that number from a different carrier via
PRI, and see which ISDN error you get back? Or have someone else call
it that way?

ISDN errors tend to have a bit more data in them.

I'd do it, but I don't have any PRIs laying around anymore.

-- jra

How is this considered even remotely relevant to the NANOG list?

VoiceOps, I can sort of see...

Sorry. VO correctly doesn't set reply-to, and my MUA, Zimbra, doesn't do reply-to lisr.

I typed it by hand, and put in the wrong list name.
- jra