[VoiceOps] (cross post) VoIP heat charts...

So you want to be able to feed "NPANXX Count" to something that will map
the call counts on a US map.

You have anything that does NPANXX to H&V, or directly to Lat Lon, already?

Cause that's the hard part.

-- jra

Alas, openheatmap.org does not seem to have NPANXX as a location column
that it can translate.

I wonder if Paul Timmins could work something out with the gent.

-- jra

Telcodata has this available.

city-county-zip-byratecenter TelcoData - Advanced Membership Area code, exchange, State, City, County, Zip - By Ratecenter (Requires Advanced Subscription)

http://www.nanpa.com/nanp1/allutlzd.zip lists NPANXX and Ratecentre.