Voice Peering?

I know a few years ago some Vo/IP peering points where started. Are
they still around today? I am looking for a solution to hand-off
outbound voice calls to mobile operators

Thank you I will look into AMS-IX. I was thinking the GRX platforms
where for SMS and Data only.

I also thought GRX peering was only data and sms.
There's a SIP peering point on the NL-IX though.

Look at http://www.nl-ix.net/solutions/voice-peering/ for more.


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I also thought GRX peering was only data and sms.
There's a SIP peering point on the NL-IX though.

Grx is data only. IPX in theory does voice too but I don't think the take
rate is very high.


It's not specific for mobile, but this is one of the most well know VOIP



And here I thought IP exchanges would cover the IP in VOIP.

When do we get HTTP exchanges? :slight_smile:


Among other services, the VPF provides an ENUM infrastructure for doing
lookups using DNS for what carrier in the exchange can route calls to a
specific TN. But yes, the underlying concept of the actual interconnections
are similar to IP exchanges.

There are also application specific exchanges out there, especially in the
financial markets.


What would be nice is a voice peering that actually act's as a traditional

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There's also Xconnect.


Do you need to be a mobile operator to join an IPX/GRX? I know EQUINIX
operates I think two IPXs but I do not know witch mobile operator are
passing traffic. We are working on a project witch 100% of the outbound
voice traffic is going to go to mobiles. There will also be a large
volume of SMS/MMS traffic. It would be very useful to "peer" with the
mobile operators.


While not specifically answering your question, as this thread has had
quite a few responses, I thought that I'd point everyone towards The
VOIP Operators' Group at http://www.voiceops.org/ They're an excellent
resource for anything to do with moving sounds around the intertubes.
Anybody who has a VOIP setup or is thinking of getting one really
should subscribe.