Visio icons

My apologies for the non-operational content. I'm trying to find the
Cisco Visio icon set, would anyone have a copy they could shoot me?


A quick search turns up:

BTW. Juniper icons are also available, some of which look snappier than the
cisco versions. here:

- Dan

Another tip:
If you are looking for the Cisco Generic (i.e. "hockey puck") icons in a
Visio stencil, you can create your own by copying the powerpoint icons into
a new stencil sheet. The collection of icons is available here

This is useful when simply documenting the logical or functional network
design, as opposed to a detailed wiring diagrams or rack elevations that
require to-scale icon representation of each product. If you don't want to
create one, email me offline and I'll send you my version (it's about a 1MB)