Virtualization of everything

hey there,

I provide some free vm/hosting for my friends and family but i am trying to shutdown this (or move from physical infra to virtual) and move everything to on premise virtual servers/kubernetes infastructure and have a front/back end which allows my friends and me to give them things they need such as virtual servers, etc.

for me i want to get bunch of identical (or identicalish) pizza boxes in future and grow what i have built as needed. i want to be able to make this as self service as possible.

so now, if I could just pay someone to go do everything for me as turn key, that would be the ideal way as I am alone and don’t really have all the clues I need in order to deliver the end result in a timely manner which makes sense.

if you are providing such services , please let me know or if you know people please ping me offlist.

thank you