"Virtual" web servers (was Re: IP Allocation)


I've put together a test page at "http://www.atmnet.net/testhttp/". This
will tell you if
your browser supports the Host variable. I would like to compile a list of
which browsers do and do not. This should help companies decide whether it
is appropriate to replace their web servers with http 1.1 compliant ones to
do virtual hosting. We have seen many problems with
traditional virtual web serving for instance:

- Many OS implementations make it difficult to support more than a few IP's
per physical card.
- Many OS implementations do not support superneting
- Some OSs do not support load balancing therefor web trafic management is
- Large amounts of IP address space is needed.
- Most OSs barf with large numbers of IPs

So IMHO web server based virtual hosting is the way to go.


Subject: Re: "Virtual" web servers (was Re: IP Allocation)

> Am I getting confused here myself, or are we talking about HTTP/1.1
> rather than HTML 1.1 ?

We are in fact talking about HTTP/1.1. It was a quick brain typo.

> One good reason at the moment for not moving to only providing support
> for HTTP/1.1 is the lack of support for it in lynx, which many blind
> people use as a browser, and lack of support for which by ISPs would
> probably be fairly politically unpopular.

Lynx 2.5 and 2.6 appear to be HTTP/1.1 compliant and support the host


that we are talking about. (Atleast in the testing we have done).


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