Vint Cerf & Interplanetary Internet

Right. This means we are going to catch a spaceship for a future nanog / have interplanetary governance federation debates with space aliens from Andromeda, and we will finally run out of v6 and ipv9 will rule the roost while there’s a substantial aftermarket + hijack scene going on for the last remaining v6 blocks.


It should be mentioned that the IPN SIG is lately revitalized, had elections, and is actively forming Working Groups.

Rod Beck <>

It wouldn’t be NANOG. Perhaps LUNOG or MOONOG.

the subgroup for networks on aspherical planetoids would be EGGNOG – we only meet during the holiays

SPACOG. C’mon guys. Think Big!

Perfect. Where do I sign up?



This will deprecated RFC1149, 2549 and 6214 :frowning:

In article <> you write:

More like IP to Nokia's new cell network on the moon:

Ah, right. There was news about that earlier this week:


Don't mess with Belters ...


This should have come with a C&C warning!