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Bert Hubert Asks Who Controls the Internet? And Should They?

Keynote: Who really controls the Internet? And should they?
Speaker: Bert Hubert

This talk is not for the faint of heart. Bert shares the more disconcerting details of government control within each country. He additionally discusses how control of the internet experience is moving more and more into the hands of browser and phone vendors. The advent of end-to-end encryption, also on control planes and metadata like DNS, means that no one else is able to influence the internet - except in extremely heavy handed and binary fashion.


John Jason Brzozowski discusses the Near Future of IPv6

Keynote: IPv6 - The next 10 years
Speaker: John Jason Brzozowski

World IPv6 Day was in 2011, World IPv6 Launch in 2012. John will briefly reflect on the status of IPv6 deployment across eyeball and content networks ~10 years later. He takes a look at statistics across a wide range of public and private (cited) sources. In 2021 the cost of IPv4 address acquisition is increasing, dramatically. He will take a close look at what has worked and what has not, across the board, focusing on what the next 10 years of IPv6 needs to look like to not just increase adoption, but to increase bonafide end to end usage.


WANTED: Experts to Train + Inspire our Next-Gen
The NANOG Education Committee is seeking proposals from experienced consulting firms or individuals to develop a NANOG proprietary technology-based program that will be offered to the NANOG community in continuing education.

To learn more about how your expertise can inspire + educate our next generation of networking professionals click below.


VIDEO | Empowering "Courageous Women of NANOG"
Chief commercial officer + co-founder of PacketFabric, Jezzibell Gilmore shared a powerful talk at our NANOG 83 meeting, acknowledging the powerful impact our female leaders have had (and continue to have) on the industry.


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