VIDEO - NANOG Talks to Seattle Community Network + Guest Column: Geoff Huston

VIDEO - NANOG Talks to Seattle Community Network
NANOG Talks to SCN About Connecting the Underserved Across Puget Sound

The Seattle Community Network (SCN) is an Internet built by the community for the community.

NANOG Executive Director Edward McNair sat down with a volunteer of SCN + Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Washington, Esther Jang, at our most recent meeting, NANOG 88 (Seattle, Wa, 12 - 14 Jun) to discuss the mission of SCN and how they are connecting + empowering underserved regions locally.


Guest Column: Geoff Huston “The Source of Time, According to a Technologist”
Exploring the Definition of Time from Early Astronomical Observations to its use in the Internet Today

An underappreciated aspect of our digital infrastructure is how dependent we are on time.

Disrupting time leads to communication disruption and can result in various forms of service compromise. A synchronized view of the time is essential to the Internet’s service platform.


Upcoming Fall Online Course
Fundamentals of Designing and Deploying Computer Networks

Title: Fundamentals of Designing and Deploying Computer Networks

Description: This course will discuss the fundamentals of networking, Ethernet, and WIFI technologies. It will additionally teach the planning, design, and deployment of simple LANs and cover how to connect a LAN to the Internet. The course will also present the most common ways to connect a LAN to the Internet (Mobile Internet, ADSL, Fiber) and how to set up the connections.


Video of the Week
Deploying a Backbone in APAC with Pierre-Yves Maunier

Maunier discusses what his team learned and changed during their multi-year journey expanding their network footprint in the Asia Pacific region.

He will speak about the challenges they faced, their mistakes, and how they worked around them with various iterations of their deployment.