VIDEO: Mitigating DDoS Attacks: Best Practices for an Evolving Threat Landscape – NYC 12/5 #DDoS

As promised this is the full video of PIR's recent DDoS event in NYC. I've
waited to post it until we got the closed captioning done. If anyone should
be willing to volunteer to help translate the captions into other languages
they can do so via AMARA -
it's possible to just contribute as much or as little as you have time

It has been pointed out to me ( Thanks Yuri!) that I screwed up the url
for the AMARA translation page for this, it is

If I may say a bit more.about captioning in general... The Internet Society
recently produced a paper 'Moving
on the importance of increasing our efforts on accessibility, and
another 'Local
Content <>' on how important
language is in fostering the growth of the Internet. Video captioning is
one area where everyone, via crowd-sourcing, can easily contribute, given
the tools. AMARA is just such a tool. It's a simple 4 step process. Type,
sync, info, and check. One can do as much/little as one can and then leave
it for someone else to pick up and continue. It's a practice we can, and
should, all learn.