Verizon wireless (cdma/LTE) compatible ethernet connectable OOB access device.

We have Verizon Wireless as our provider of choice for our company, and I've convinced those who are they that I need a completely OOB method for getting back in the NOC, as we don't have a full time NOC staff and internet coverage can be spotty around here in general, as we're a small town.

The people who need the OOB management access are getting 4G Myfi devices with static IP addresses. What I need at our NOC is a 3 or 4G (our area only has 3G atm) Verizon compatible device with an wired ethernet link. I'm looking at several but wondered if anyone has any familiarity with such units. I just need a basic wwan-ethernet modem/bridge, I will be handling vpn termination, firewalling, access control, and such with my existing firewall.

Off-list is fine.

OpenGear's stuff is awesome.

We have the 5004G on Verizon, it has four serial ports,
ethernet and USB running linux. We have a 5 gig plan
from Verizon and static IP for $50/month minus our
corporate discount. Since it's put on a 'machine' plan
with them, you can get plans all the way down to I
think $5/month with a few megabytes of included data;
they treat it the same way you'd treat a cell backup
for an alarm and similar devices.

You can have the OpenGear unit keep the data portion of
the cellular side always live, or for added security and
lower risk of data consumption by drive by scans, you
can have it turn the data off and on by sending it text
messages to the associated phone number.

You can ssh directly to serial ports by using different
port numbers than standard, ssh in and then utilize the
ports, there's a web-based serial interface too so they're
really great for routers. On the ethernet/web side you
can do things like vpn gateway, proxying, port mapping,
etc like you'd find in a typical consumer type soho
router, or you can lock it all down for whatever you
don't need.

My only complaint is no LTE version last I checked,
which is fine for serial ports but an LTE would make
it a lot nicer since then you could do more interactive
things like remote desktop, heavy web traffic and other
things that you might also want in a bind.


OpenGear does make good, low footprint, low power consumption console
I think they have an IPSec stack too.
Note: They make another type with just a modem (I don't know why they
don't make one with both 3G and dialup?), in case the cell coverage is so
spotty that you won't get what you really need.

Just my 2 cents.

We have one site using this type of OpeGear setup, but we use an LTE "MiFi"
with wireless to the OpenGear's "WAN", but also use a USB port on the open
gear to keep the MiFi powered.

I've used before, does the job.