Verizon Wireless 4G Voice/Data

Looks like Verizon Wireless 4G voice, intermittent data services and some
3g voices services are currently non-functional, specifically in the SE,
however, seeing reports nationwide as well.

Seeing no issues in WV. Speeds are 50/10.

25/8 in Troy. Phone works. I am using the "advanced calling" not sure
what it is though.

Josh Luthman
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Direct: 937-552-2343
1100 Wayne St
Suite 1337
Troy, OH 45373

No problems in Newton, MA (Boston suburb). 43/5.

Miles Fidelman

Large scale outage in FL, primarily affecting customers who have Advanced
Calling (VoLTE) turned on and calling CDMA/PSTN destinations. However it
appears there are many areas whose data connectivity is also affected.

Will pass along any updates I can.

Over 2k calls in the Tech Support queue right now, wish me luck! Time to
jump into the sharks. Haha.

(VZW tech)

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Wireless or its subsidiaries.

Confirming problems making or receiving calls to phone numbers with a Florida LATA, no matter where those phones actually reside. (In this case, SW PA.) Verizon wireless website shows "temporarily unavailable while we upgrade our systems" on selected My Vz pages.


Thanks Alex and Allen,

All of the devices tested on our side have Florida NPA/NXX's, including
data only devices, which is more than likely the reason we are seeing
issues elsewhere across the country.

Seems to be reports elsewhere of similar issues, however is probably
related to the same style MSC/HLR routing (back to Florida)

The issue still persists, as of the timestamp of this email, tho, we did
confirm 911 was unaffected, at least in the North Florida territory.

Issue is supposedly resolved. Please test :slight_smile:

So far, except having to wait for remote reboots on several hundred sites,
looking good.

Voice, Data and and the few VZW 4G Network Extenders are processing LTE
packets properly.

Thanks Alex, for the insight and update (s).