Verizon local CFA sanity check

I'm writing a LOA/CFA doc for some DS1s to be delivered to us on a
Verizon private OC12 ring, and I'm getting conflicting info (including
from multiple people within Verizon) on how to address individual
DS1s. For STS/DS3s, it's pretty obvious, just the STS number, i.e.


Anyone know for certain how Verizon numbers DS1 channels on an OC on a CFA doc?

For clarity, this is Verizon local, Manhattan.


Wouldn't you map the DS1 to the M13 mux that is connected to the STS1 on the OC? I didn't think Verizon did DS1 level xconnects directly into SONET.

It's a Flashwave 4100, I'm told it has an integrated DS1 mux. (It's
not on the prem here so I have to go by others' word.) I know our
other Verizon customer ring that is all Cisco 15454 can deliver DS1
without external M13.