Verizon IDE

How common is it for Verizon to deliver “Internet Dedicated Ethernet” over sonet? Ran into a situation where the canoga-perkins nte was uplinked to a Flashwave 4100es in the basement (uplinked by an OC-48). There is in a Verizon ILEC area.

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Mitchell Lewis

If the location has an existing Verizon SONET node, and there is capacity on it to provide the Ethernet service you need, Verizon could opt to deliver the Ethernet service that way.

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Verizon’s build-out policy boils down to whether or not any new contract will fund the metro-E upgrade costs over a five year period. If it won’t, then SONET is used where there is capacity, right up to the capacity limit. We recently received a 100 Mbps Ethernet circuit on the last OC3 of a SONET node. I argued that we should have been put on MetroE to enable future upgrades, since there is no orderable bandwidth left on this node, and Verizon’s reply was “you would have to order a bigger circuit now”. Frankly, I couldn’t justify the jump to GigE, so here we are on maxed-out facilities.

-mel beckman