Verizon FIOS troubleshooting


     Recently began seeing things like this to the default GW from inside and outside the FIOS network. Called tech support but all they could do was put a ticket in for the NetEng team.

The pings jumping from an avg of 3ms to 80 is what gets me. Also my downloading / uploading on my segment doesn't seem to affect the latency jumps on the default GW either way (when testing from my COLO). Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

Most likely Verizon has their routers configured to rate limit, or reduce priority to replying to pings directed at them.


Worry about a connected hosts, not the gateway router. If you see the same behavior between hosts then check your upstream/downstream rates since they will buffer your connection if you get close to the advertised rates, even for micro bursts.

I worked with Brian offline and can confirm there's definitely an issue, at least on his particular node/area (W.D.C.). Anyone from Verizon lurking?