Verizon Email to SMS gateway

Anyone else seeing massive delays in Verizon's email to SMS gateway lately? I'm seeing delays on emails to @vtext and @vzwpix addresses at anywhere form 45 minutes to 12 hours.

Justin H.

We did a few months back and were told that they are no longer officially supporting it. It may have to do with the volume that is being sent, particularly from a single IP address.

We moved to using Twilio's API and it has been much more solid.


As a side note, will the email to text gateways be subject to the FCC's A2P 10DLC registration requirements?
I'm wondering if that's part of the reason for not officially supporting email to text.


Eric Tykwinski
TrueNet, Inc.
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That is the understanding I got when discussing the situation with our engineering contact there.


A delay wouldn’t make sense if it’s a lack of FCC registration. Undeliverable would.

My messages to vtext have worked well, it took <5 minutes as recently as November 10.