Verizon DSL moving to CGN


Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2013 09:31:22 +0200 (CEST)
From: Mikael Abrahamsson <>
To: nanog list <>
Subject: Re: Verizon DSL moving to CGN

CGN is just a solution to save time, it is not a transition mechanism through IPv6
At the end (IPv6 at home) you will need at list :
Dual stack or NAT64/ DNS64

CGN doesn't stop anyone deploying dual stack. NAT64/DNS64 is dead in thewater without other mechanisms (464XLAT or alike).

Defusing the "dead-in-the-water" phrase:
An IPv4 solution with NAT64/DNS64 will still enable pure IPv6 SS devices
without built-in NAT46 to still access the majority of the IPV4 world.
(There are few IPV4-over-IPv6 technologies that can make a similar claim
so thats already one step ahead of the competition on the IPv4 sunset path)

XLAT464 (CLAT46+PLAT64) is now published as RFC6877. It is the most mature
sunset technology - Is a single vendor offering out there that either does
not already have a NAT64 function or doesn't have it in their roadmaps ?

Greets Karl Pospisek from Melbourne AU.