Verizon disconnects GlobalNAPs knocking out dialup in MA

Although dialup modem pools are a dying breed they are still very much in use around the country. It appears that after many years of legal battles Verizon has decided to terminate all connections to GlobalNAPs in Massachusetts. As you may or may not know, GlobalNAPs handles a lot of dialup modem traffic, including my Tivo and a DS-3 worth of my modems. Billing dispute gone amuck, I don't know who's right or who's wrong but thousands of customers are off-line now because of it.

Looks like it'll be a long night tonight :confused:

Anyone familiar with a Tekelec T7000/Taqua OCX switch and the maze of Verizon paperwork needed to finish getting it online? Once my LRN is activated I can port my modem numbers to my own switch. If they could have just waited a couple of days.