Verizon DC/NOVA Issues?

Any hearing of Verizon internet issues affecting the DC, Northern Virginia, and surrounding areas?

Just got a flood of complaints about work VPN connections keep dropping and all users appear to be using Verizon internet and other users on Comcast are not having issues.

Started maybe around 11:30AM EST…


Robert Webb

Could be knock on effects from their NYC issue in Brooklyn.

Apparently all over the east coast or northeast region.

Verizon reporting a fiber cut in Brooklyn.

Yes, Fiber cut on the east coast somewhere:

-mel beckman

Seems to be clearing and back here in NoVA for me.

I am here in NOVA (on FIOS) and it’s working with higher packet loss than normal.

Associated Press reporting “A major internet outage from Washington, D.C., to Boston is affecting internet and cloud providers as well as a number of Google services and Facebook.”

Yes, Verizon FiOS is having major issues in Philadelphia getting to Amazon and Google networks, among others. Starting around 11:30 AM Eastern.

Axios is reporting:

What's happening: The widespread issues are unrelated to a FiOS fiber internet cable getting cut in Brooklyn, contrary to reports circulating widely on social media linking the two, a Verizon spokesperson said.

Is this affecting email servers? We have started to see sporadic failures to yahoo and aol with messages tied to