verizon atm outage

This is the official notice. It isn't supposed to start for another 3 hours, but we have been seeing periodic bouncing on about 30-40 customer T1 lines.

8/18/2001 - Verizon has notified us of scheduled network outage: " allow the upgrade of the Frame Relay CBX-9000/500 switches in the Atlantic Coastal LATA of New Jersey. The planned upgrade being instituted will bring extended functionality and ensure a more robust network through deployment of new software and hardware revisions. This upgrade will take place on August 18th, 2001. All work directly affecting customer circuits is scheduled to begin no earlier than midnight and end no later than seven AM. Please be aware that while the upgrade is taking place, you may experience sporadic PVC interruptions due to rerouting, on your frame relay circuits in this LATA. The scheduled window for circuits to be down is four hours. Your circuits may be down for all or part of this four hour window." As always, Tellurian's NOC will be monitoring circuits and opening tickets if any customer's service is not restored by 7AM as promised by Verizon.

All our Verizon Frame Relay and ATM circuits are ok at this time.


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Out of about 350 PVCs on an OC3 in to the Newark ATM switch cluster, we're
seeing four circuits down; could be considered normal..

We're not seeing any additional loss or latency at this point.

Ditto, my OC3s in BOS, NYC, and DCA into Verizon ATM cloud are all up.