Verizon at it again?

Again, I am getting complaints from folks in the Boston to D.C. corridor of latency and packet loss.

Anyone else?

Looks like things have cleared?

Anyone can confirm?

My customers reported issues as well , that have no cleared but I did move traffic as well to alt transits

our data center said they made a change to reroute traffic

Is anyone noticing this issue only with the interconnect of cogent / verizon ?

Cogent just updated their network status page. :frowning:

"Multiple customers are experiencing issues with connectivity through
Verizon. Verizon has acknowledged a major issue on their end and are
investigating. There is currently no ETR. The CST Master ticket to
reference is HD11526935."

In NJ we are seeing VZB, VZW and VZ FIOS all are having major IP connectivity issues outside of Verizon's own network.
Verizon is keeping tight lipped on this issue as my contacts all say, what problem? (typical)


We’ve noticed it between cogent/verizon as well.
Seems to be clearing now.

Had some issues between ATT and Verizon as well.