VeriSign's rapid DNS updates in .com/.net

Richard wrote:

... the return path provides ...

This was where I ended up also. As Barry and others have discussed on the
asrg, the write-side is throw-away assets. The "return path" is where the
persistence of the names used is greater and the value to the scheme is

and Randy wrote:

all they need to do is register
with delegation to their dns servers, and change a third level
domain name at will.

Yeah. But that's where registrars and registries can interpose on the
scheme. The static 2LD with a twinkling constelation of 3LDs is still
vulnerable. A run of twinkling 2LDs is harder for registrars and/or
registries to break, cross registries and registrars. There may be
fewer points of failure in the NS-set used for a particular campaign.