Verisign's New Change and Outdate RBL's

Was playing with a test box here at home. Installed SpamAssassian from a newely cvsup'd ports tree on a FreeBSD box, and was surprised to see messages getting marked as received in blacklists that no longer exist. Most noteably ORBS. Since this was a fresh Install I hadn't gone through and removed the dead RBL's from yet. Since dorkslayers doesn't exist. any queries for it are returning that infamous sitefinder address.

[doon@fawkes doon]$ host has address

So anybody that hasn't update their SpamAssassian config, now has the added benefit of all ip's being tagged as an open relay.

Just an FYI

I wonder if they've been playing with these wildcards on and off for a few
weeks? I have a script that checks for our mail servers in a bunch of
popular DNSBLs periodically. On and off over the past few weeks, I
started getting notifications from that script that all of our servers
were in the various DNSBL zones. The
DNSBLs were all shut down, AFAIK, at least several months ago. I got this
notification again last night, and finally commented out the tests for
those zones.