VeriSign SMTP reject server updated

Beating up the spokestech may feel good but is pointless.

The way to solve the Verislime problem is straightforward,
but not simple.

  Make it unprofitable for them.

Maybe that is by political pressure [but I doubt it -- they have
big lobbying muscle..] from the Hill.

It may be by lawsuits.

It may be by driving their costs up.

It may be by hurting their other revenue lines, including registration.

I donno.

(Today, all I wish is that all this &^%^&*^ swen garbage was
choking their pipes, not mine.)

...can't resist hitting reply. First there is little to no way to make
this unprofitable for them since they already have people paying for the
opportunity to catch the eyes of these lost Internet travellers. Second,
it would have to be a negative cash flow to be nixed in a corporate
setting. ("unprofitable" does not necessarily convey: negative cash flow)

Ugh...sucked in. Can we get back to network operation discussions. Someone
make a Verisign gripe/commiserate list. I'll sign up.


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