Verifying NOC contact information

At the June '97 NANOG, Randy Bush mentioned I was contacting various
NOCs to verify their contact information. I thought I'd post a note
how the project is going.

   2 providers confirmed no longer in the ISP business

  11 providers still announcing routes on the Internet, but has
      contact information which no longer reaches any person
      associated with the provider (i.e. ring-no-answer, number
      not service, number assigned to a different party, person
      no longer employed by the provider)

  80 providers with working phone numbers, but I want to break
     this one down a bit further. I'm going to have someone
     actually try to reach the NOC, rather than just the company.
    - Voice mail leading to a full mailbox, and other
      voice-mail jails
    - Redirected to a non-working phone number
    - Redirected to a limited calling area phone number
    - Noc? What's a noc?

So depending on how generous you want to be, this group had a grade
of "B" for having a working phone number. It would be a mistake to
assume company size is related to any of this. There were large and
small companies in every category.