Vendors spamming NANOG attendees

:: Agree, this thread has generated more "spam" or noise
:: for all of us collectively.

It's not spam. Look up the definition of spam. Also,
just block the thread in your email client.

:: Some amount of relevant "spam" has to be tolerated for
:: vendor to continue supporting NANOG.

No, that is absolutely wrong!

:: Also relevant "spam" or sales call is a good way to find
:: out about new technologies , that one may not have heard
:: about otherwise.

No, wrong again. One of the most attractive things about
NANOG is learning these things from **peers**, not spam.

:: Another tip, just ignore, the "spammer" will go away
:: eventually.

If they're not named-n-shamed they will continue. I have
had quite a few go after me aggressively to sell me
something after a NANOG post. They didn't stop until I
named-n-shamed them. Their supervisors wrote me, personally
apologized and, due to that, I put their companies back
on my list of companies to do business with.

I write this not just to you, but as an explanation to
other new folks why the old schoolers name-n-shame.