Vendors spamming NANOG attendees

:: What do you suggest? Shoot them at Dawn? :slight_smile:

Not all of them. Just shoot the first one and the rest will
pay attention! :wink:

:: We don't have a runaway spamming problem on the list.

A lot of it has to do with naming-n-shaming, which he did.
Instead of a firing squad, it's a financial punishment squad.
That's the only place it hurts them and if made public it's
even more effective.

:: And your proposed solution is?

Let the naming-n-shaming continue, rather than supporting the
slimy spammer's position! There's not a naming-n-shaming
problem here, either.

:: Prohibit NANOG members from buying their products?

No, we will do that ourselves.


ps. I feel like I'm in a different universe when NANOG folks
are supporting the spammer's side on the list!