value of co-location

The reasons for co-location that have been mentioned so far include...

- zero-mile circuits

That means expansion of that "circuit" is free.

What is meant by free expansion of the circuit?

'Zero-mile circuit' isn't clear to me because, regardless of the technology
used for the NAP, it's still necessary to purchase a circuit from your site
to the NAP.

The difference is between the clearline circuit and circuit with 40%
protocol overhead. Some big players are carriers themselves and
want to use _own_ circuits whereever possible.

What isn't mentioned is the advantage of data-link layer multiplexing that
the Fast Packet Services offer. Rather than bringing in multiple circuits
and consuming multiple ports on your router, it's possible to carry traffic
from customers as well as traffic to the NAP on that same interface. That's
a fundamental point which is driving much of the deployment of the Fast
Packet Services.

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