value of co-location

"The GIGAswitch System: A High-Performance Packet
Switching Platform".
Robert J. Souza et al (7 listed authors)
Digital Technical Journal, vol. 6, no. 1 1994.

The switch fabric is a non-blocking crossbar capable
of full 100 Mbps full duplex rates (actually, about 150 Mbps:
a 25 Mhz clock with a 6 bit data path). Custom VLSI.

The FDDI cards have 1 MB/port that (i believe) is used for
packet buffering. Both input and output buffering is
required. Cut through forwarding is supported.

Bottom line: about 270,000 pps per port, 14 microsec.
forwarding latency AND superior reliability. The choice
for NAP designers everywhere :)-

        -- Bilal