value of co-location

somehow i missed the annoucement by the major router manufacturers that
they are supporting the technology you mentioned. (grin)

coding packets a 640 megabits isn't particularly hard - off-the-shelf
Fiberchannel parts can do 1.02 gigabits (each way) with no trouble (and
are used inside at least one "gigabit router" in concert with a GaAs
cross-bar switch to make gigabit-capable switching fabric.) [yes, there
are other issues in building fast switches.]

the general challenge is to make the technology into *products* which
work, are scalable, and manage to generate enough critical mass that
the technology suppliers will survive. this last point is as critical
as the first.

Cynicism aside, however, I have been following the MOSAIC/ATOMIC stuff
for several years and it is attractive for some purposes. I am hoping
for their every success. But I don't think that I'd bet the success of
a major internet interchange point on it right now.

That is, of course, if I knew it was in there... (big grin)


ps - thanks for mentioning the url. makes it easier to track what's
happening there.