value of co-location

Paul Vixie wrote:

I know that after years of trauma and chaos and delay, we now have a couple
of NAPs implemented on an ATM mesh. If I ever see an ATM NAP come online
with dozens of 155Mb/s members and no chaos, trauma or delay, I promise to
post a full apologia here.

I'll be looking forward to that post :slight_smile:

Seriously though, Paul, the new platform (the Stratacom BPX) going in place
here at Pacific Bell will be a test to the concerns you raise, if indeed we
can bring online the PacBell NAP "with dozens of 155Mb/s members and no
chaos, trauma or delay". I believe this will be the test of the hypothesis
that the combination of properly engineered access line buffering, backplane
speeds and congestion management capabilities can alleviate the "good put"
problems previously experienced by IP over ATM implementations. We have
quite a bit of date for the DS3 level that we will be presenting at the
upcoming NANOG meeting, and we will certainly be compiling data on the OC3
testing as well (which, BTW, we will make public as soon as the data
compilation is complete.)