UUnet - San Diego/LA Outage


UUnet has been experiencing large latency and packet loss in San Diego
since Friday Mar 10th at about 10:30 AM. Service at one point degraded to
the point that UUnet had routed all traffic originating in San Diego
through a single DS1 while they sat and rebooted their ATM gear for a few

It appears that his problem has also spread to the Los Angeles area
including their LAX1 and LAX2 routers.

Of course, http://www.noc.uu.net/ states that everything is normal and
there are no known outages. [ UUnet master ticket #1399 of course states
otherwise. ]

I'd like to hear from anyone that knows what is really going on. Despite
my 100+ phone calls I cannot get a real answer.

This is related to a problem handling massive traffic for the new
online role-playing game, Everquest (http://www.everquest.com). Traffic routed
to AS11795 goes through LAX up to Sandiego and has been experiencing massive
packet loss for about a week now. The 989Studios people claim that UUNet has
found the problem to be a bad ATM card(s) either at
299.ATM6-0.XR1.LAX2.ALTER.NET or 258.ATM2-0-0.GW1.SDG1.Alter.Net.

  All this is second hand information from the producers of that game so
some of my details may be wrong, but this is certainly the cause of any
problems out there.