UUNET Press Release on Peering

Peter Galbavy <peter@wonderland.org> writes:

I am using UUNETs policy as an example of why some of
these do not make sense in a global scene - yes I also
know this is NANOG)

You can hardly lessen the signal to noise ratio here.

I think UUNET's policy is fundamentally sound technically,
and I applaud it. This should surprise noone, because
it's what I was trying to accomplish rather publically
before my disappearance.

However, UUNET seems to have gagged its technical staff
who undoubtedly could do an infinitely better and clearer
job of explaining their policy in this kind of forum than
their recent press releases have done.

On the other hand, this may be a pragmatic business
decision, since frankly, this forum is completely
irrelevant to their business strategy (and to almost
everything else, these days), and any real concerns
probably tend to deal more with misperceptions potential
customers might have about UUNET's connectivity, capacity,
and overall utility. Froma business perspective, those
sorts of concerns probably are best addressed by
P.R. folks.

I note that their press releases have also made much
mention of UUNET's forthcoming $300M investment in
infrastructure. This is hardly coincidental. It's also
about time that someone put some real money and an
apparent strategy into the Global Internet.