UUNET instability?

Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 14:00:44 -0500
From: J Bacher <jb@jbacher.com>

>That's unusual. A train derailment usually effects more than one
>provider, and normally does not cause network-wide BGP resets.

Some C&W transport was lost as well. They also have a master ticket open.

> > UUNET support says that the outage relates to a train derailment in the
> > northeast that occured this morning. master ticket no. 562655.

Thought this happened YESTERDAY - 4/24 ... Another one?

No, the train derailment was yesterday. It's just they've got the route
flap damping constant set in units of days, so it's only now propogating. :wink:

LOL! The client in question with the C&W span didn't go down until 11:30 CDT. However, their circuit is tied to the C&W master ticket that defines the outage as a train derailment. Maybe we've just hit WorldCom's maintenance window (don't spaz, I'm just kidding).