UUNET instability?

Folks, please don't try to connect to that service.
Posting it here seems to have Slashdotted it.

Generally something doesn't get "Slashdotted" unless it is fully of poorly
written dynamic code which should never have been put in production in the
first place, such as PHP doing 20 mysql queries per page view or something
else equally stupid and linux kiddie.

A BOFH quote generator, on the other hand, is very very simple. It boggles
the mind to imagine a server so weak or code so bad that it couldn't
handle a couple hundred connections from NANOG readers. If that is the
case, I would strongly suggest you reevaluate the language or method in
which it was written.

I beg your pardon? Where did you get the idea that I wrote or hosted it?

I was assuming it'd been Slashdotted because it was working fine before
I posted the link, then stopped working shortly afterwards. It's also
entirely possible the somebody at the site got annoyed at all the
requests & put a DENY ALL on it.

Works fine here....

Are you sure you haven't got uunet between you and it? :wink:

- Forrest W. Christian (forrestc@imach.com) AC7DE

I'll see if I can put up a mirror.

The Archive of BOFH is here: