UUNet 10Plus

We were one of the first 10Plus Customers as well. It was delivered to
us via Half Duplex UTP off an ethernet card in the back of a 7513. I
believe they still do this if you share a building with one of their
pops. But you will have to ask them, good luck though, I'm still
waiting for their news servers to quit kicking out "Too Many
Connection" messages to us.

The second version we had used two UTP ports on both 7513's (ours
and theirs) with BGP running on both and the proper weights.
Basically this was a 10Mb full duplex two connection with backup. :wink:

Of course deployed like that they both had all the characteristics
of Ethernet.

Same problem with us. "Too many connections..." UUNet sure is having
some horrible growing pains since being bought by MFS and then WorldCom,
and their inability to work with their customers makes me believe they
might not be a part of my network any longer. I cannot honestly tell my
employer to buy a bigger pipe to UUNet with their past performance and the
attitude they've given us over the last 8 months. We shall see...

Joe Shaw - jshaw@insync.net
NetAdmin - Insync Internet Services
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