UUNet 10Plus

questions, or comments would be appreciated. Once again, I understand
that you only get 6Mbps out of a 10Mbps ethernet link, I just want to know
why UUNet won't deliver a better handoff to their 10Plus customers and
allow them to actually get 10Mbps. I guess they're going to try pushing

The last time I talked to a UUnet sales rep with a clue, he
"pretty much" acknowledged that the reason their 10 Plus service
is not much more expensive than the dual T1 service is because they
know the customer can't push 10Mb anyway. He "pretty much" refused to
give the 10 plus service within a NAP --where our router is colocated
with theirs and PNIs are allowed-- over a 10baseT (better than
the netedge) or local loop DS3 handoff.

Sales people never say things directly, hence the "pretty much" quote
above which is my reading of his excuses.