UUCP node name information search.

I hate to do this, BUT...

I am doing research for a court case that has pretty serious
ramifications. See <http://www.gateway.com/release.htm> for more info.

I am looking for proof (USENET postings, ancient maps, or even private
e-mail) showing my use of the UUCP node name 'gateway' prior to 1989.

Unfortunately, I do not have the 'original' submission for the
registration of the node, and the current maps only show date of last
update (1990 when gateway.com was registered).

If anyone has documented use of the UUCP node name 'gateway' from that
era, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know.

Many thanks,
-abc, offering a free 9-Track tape of 'mod.sources' dated 1987 to the
person that finds the first proof.
                                                    > Alan Clegg
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You might want to post this request to the Multics Newsgroup
(*>comp.os.multics). If I were
still with Honeywell I know I could probably scarf up a tape or two
with the data...
that would be my first lead...
can be done... let me think more


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