UU Net sales tactics? (fwd)

Dan Hollis wrote:

The UUnet rep who called me was also insistent that UUnet had the best
technical support in the industry. I indicated to him that I had dealt
with UUnet tech support in the past and was _not_ impressed[1], and was
met with about 30 seconds of stunned silence. B)

You weren't clear on this. Was this "30 seconds of stunned silence" on
the part of the sales rep, or were you telling the sales rep about the
"30 seconds of stunned silence" on the part of tech support?

The sales rep was rendered speechless for 30 seconds.

I also got the insulting "small fry" treatment that others have mentioned.

Do all UUnet sales reps have this snobbish insulting attitude? Or are we
all getting the same rep or something.