Using RIR info to determine geographic location...

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Is this becoming a more common or less common practice as we slide
ourselves into the last week of 2007? The reason I am wondering is we have
noticed some 'issues' recently where correct info in the RIR causes very
inefficient and sometimes annoying interaction with some of the world's
largest online applications (such as Google) lets say for example that a
customer in India purchases dedicated server or Co-Location hosting at a
HSP in the United States [very common]. So the RIR shows that the customer
is in India, so when the customer interacts with any google applications
google automatically directs this traffic to (or the India
version of whichever app)....

Welcome to my world. :slight_smile:

In pursuing investigations of criminal activity on the net, we
generally have to revert to good old fashioned elbow-grease (and
using your noodle) instead of automated geo-location tools for
exactly this reason -- they are more & more irrelevant for
determining the real location of an endpoint.


- - ferg